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NAMHANGANG ( riv.) Bicycle Path

Cycling the disused railroad with awesome views


Staring at Paldang Bridge, Namhangang (riv.) Bicycle Path cuts through the picturesque villages of Namyangju, Yangpyeing, Yeoju, Wonju, Chungju and finishes its 132km of journey at Chunju Tangeumdae. Dumulmeori and other natural attractions along with historic sites such as Dasan Jeong Yak-yong's site make the Namhangang (riv.) Bicycle Path a living historical and natural museum. Plus, Ipobo, Yeojubo and Gangcheonbo add on to the picturesqueness of the Namhangang (riv.).

Namhangang (riv.)'s magnificent view along the disused railroad of Central line

27km length of disused railroad the Central line from Namyangju Pal-dang to Yangpyeong is known as the most beautiful bicycle path of the country. Cemented cycling road built between rusty railroad runs through tunnels and by the riverside, meeting anamnestic whistle stops that are now serving as rest stops on the way.
First 'must see' spot on the disused railroad section of the Namhangang (riv.) Bicycle Path is the Bongan tunnel of 260m length. This is where Mugunghwa used to run through to get to the famous Jeongdongjin station from old drama 'Sandglass'. Now the whistle of the train is gone, but the smooth curve of the tunnel greets with the light when bikes come in a line like the train used to.

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  • Course
    Paldang Bridge ~ Neungnae Station ~ Bukhangang Rail-road Bridge ~ Yangpyeong Art Museum ~ Ipobo ~ Yeojudo ~ Gangcheonbo ~ Suhaeng Bridge ~ Chungju Tangeumdae
  • Total Distance
  • Estimated Time
    8hr 50min