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Okcheon Nostalgia 100-Ri :40km Path

Okcheon was the home of Jung Ji-yong, one of Korea's most famous modern poets. The following lines are from his poem Nostalgia: At the eastern end of a broad plain Meanders a small brook telling old tales, Where a spotted bull lazily lows In the golden light of dusk
- Even in a dream, how could I ever forget this place?
The Okcheon Nostalgia 100-ri Path reflects the sensitivity and romance of the poem, and is one of the most popular of all the cycling routes. It begins and ends at the birth place of Jung Ji-yong located in Hagye-ri, Okcheon-eup. The total distance is 50.6 km, and it takes abut 4 hours to complete the tour.

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Bicycle rental

Okcheon Love Welfare Center (043-733-0816)
  • rental office in front of Okcheon Station
  • rentals available at the welfare center located between the birthplace of Jung Ji-yong and Yuk Young-soo in Gu-eup

Getting there

  • The express bus to Okcheon departs from East Seoul Terminal 5 times a day (08:00, 10:00, 14:00, 15:10, and 18:00). The trip takes 2 hours.
  • The train to Okcheon departs 16 times a day from Seoul Station. The trip takes takes approximately 2 hours and 10 minute