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Happy Routes

Happy safety riding with bicycle sharing happiness

Introduction to Happy Routes

On two wheels ~ The Cross - Country Cycling Road

The starting point of the Cross - County Cycling Road that passes through the entire Korean territory is ARA Bicycle Path in direct contact with the West Sea.

Major cycling roads that make up the Cross - Country Cycling Road are ARA Bicycle Path (21km), Seoul Section of HANGANG (riv.)Bicycle Path (56km), NAMHANGANG (riv.) Bicycle Path (132km), SAEJAE Bicycle Path (100km) that connect Chungju Tangeumdae and Sangju through lhwaryeong, and NAKDONGGANG (riv.) Bicycle Path (324km) that ends at Busan NAKDONGGANG (riv.) Estuary Bank.

GEUMGANG (riv.) Bicycle Path (146km) reaching from Daecheongdam to GEUMGANG (riv.) Estuary Bank and YEONGSANGANG (riv.) bicycle Path (133km) that runs by YEONGSANGANG (riv.) from Damyangdam to YEONGSANGANG (riv.) Estuary Bank are also main arteries of the Cycling Road across Korea that function as a hub of the land, connecting many different regions of Korea like a spider web.

In addition, when BUKHANGANG (riv.) Bicycle Path (87km) and SEOMJINGANG (riv.) Bicycle Path (134km) that are currently being constructed are completed by 2013 and National Network of Cycling Road links Eastern Coast, Western Coast, Southern Coast and DMZ in all four directions by 2019, Korea will join the ranks of advanced cycling country.

Along with 1,757km of the Cross - Country Cycling Road that connects the nation in all directions, Theme bicycle path created with themes of each region's history, nature, culture, ecology and many more interesting topics offer families special places for few hours of relaxing trip on a bike.

Cross - Country Cycling Road is not a route for professional race or an intense competition. It is a route for learning to talk to wild flowers on the way and for enjoying the meditation by the sunsetting river. It is also for adventurous travelers who don't mind eating unfamiliar menus of different regions and staying at a new place with people they have never met.

Those who want to find a reason of sudden tears in their eyes by the sunsetting river should hit the Cross - Country Cycling Road to find the freedom.

(A map showing a bicycle course in Korea) 01. ARA Bicycle Path : ARA West Sea lock gate - ARA HANGANG lock gate, 02. ARAHANGANG (riv.) Lock Gate ~ The Southern End of Yeouido Seogangdaegyo(Bridge) ~ (Ttukseom Observation Complex or Gwangnaru Bicycle Park) ~ Paldangdaegyo (bridge), 03. NAMHANGANG ( riv.) Bicycle Path : Paldang Bridge ~ Neungnae Station ~ Bukhangang Rail-road Bridge ~ Yangpyeong Art Museum ~ Ipobo ~ Yeojudo ~ Gangcheonbo ~ Suhaeng Bridge ~ Chungju Tangeumdae, 04. BUCKHANGANG (riv.) Bicycle Path : Balgeun Gwangjang ~ Saeteo Samgeori ~ Kyunggang Bridge ~ Sinmae Bridge, 05. SAEJAE Bicycle Path : Chungju Tangeumdae ~ Suanbo Oncheon ~ Ihwaryeong Rest Area ~ Mungyeong Buljeong Staion ~ Sangju Sang-pung Bridge, 06. NAKDONGGANG (riv.) Bicycle Path : Sangju Sangpung Bridge ~ Sangjubo ~ Nakdanbo ~ Gumibo ~ Chilgokbo ~ Gangjeonggoryeongbo ~ Dalseongbo ~ Hapcheon Changyeongbo ~ Changnyeong Hammanbo ~ Yangsan Water Culture Center ~ Nakdonggang Estuary Bank, 07. GEUMGANG (riv.) Bicycle Path, 08. YEONGSANGANG (riv.) Bicycle Path : Damyangdam ~ Metasequoia ~ Damyang Bamboo Forest ~ Seungchonbo ~ Juksanbo ~ Neureoji Observatory ~ Yeongsangang Estuary Bank, 09. SEOMJINGANG (riv.) Bicycle Path : Seomjingang Life Sports Park (Gangjin bridge) ~ Birthplace of the Poet Kim Yong Taek ~ Gudam Village ~ Janggunmok ~ Yupoong Bridge ~ Hyangga Park ~ Seomjingang Train Village ~ Hwoingtanjeong ~ Seomjingang Rail Bike ~ Dugasewed Bridge ~ Abrok Park ~ Gurye Bridge ~ Seomjingang Cherry Blossom Road ~ Saseongam (a small temple) ~ Namdo Bridge ~ Hwage Marketplace ~ Maehwa(Plum) Village ~ Four Seasons Flower Road ~ Baealdo Waterfront Park, 10. Ocheon Bicycle Path : HAENGCHON CROSSROADS ~ GOEGANG BRIDGE ~ BAEKRO PARK ~ MUSIMCHEON BRIDGE ~ HAPGANG PARK , 11. East Coast Bicycle Path (Gangwon) : UNIFICATION OBSERVATORY ~ BUKCHEON RAILROAD BRIDGE ~ BONGPO BEACH ~ YEONGGEUMJEONG ~ DONGHO BEACH ~ JIGYEONG BEACH ~ GYEONGPO BEACH ~ JEONGDONGJIN ~ MANGSANG BEACH ~ CHUAM ~ CHOTDAEBAWI ~ HANJAE PARK ~ IMWON, 12. East Coast Bicycle Path (Gyeongbuk) : ULJIN SWEET FISH BRIDGE ~ MAGNYANG SERVICE AREA ~ WOLSONGJEONG ~ GORAEBUL BEACH ~ SUNRISE PARK, 13. Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path : YONGDUAM ~ DARAK SHELTER ~ HAEGEOREUM PARK ~ SONGAKSAN ~ BEOPHWAN BADANG ~ SOESOKKAK PYOSEON BEACH ~ SEONGSAN ILCHULBONG ~ CIMNYEONG SEONGSEGI BEACH ~ HAMDEOK SEOUBONG BEACH