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Jeju Sunrise Coastal Path

The Sunrise Coastal Path runs for 28 km from Gimnsieong Beach, through the seaside villages of Woljeong, Haengwon, Handong, Sehwa Hado, and Jongdal-ri, to Seongsan-eup, Seogwio-si.
Many natural and traditional sights typical of Jeju Island can be seen along this cycle route. Various flowers including wild chrysanthemum, rape flower, and Crinum asiaticum var. japonicum, blossom along the path

Beach view with island view
Rider riding on an open bike path along the breakwater
Rider riding on the bike path between the riverside and the road
A panoramic view of an open road and flowers in full bloom next to it.
Two bicycle riders riding on a bicycle path with the sea in the background
Secluded beach scenery with Mulphy wind turbines visible
A person riding a bicycle alone on the bicycle path between the river and the road
Two children riding bicycles by the river

Bicycle rental

  • Seongsan Hiking (064-782-0444), Jeiu Hiking (064-711-2200)
  • Jeiu Bicycle Rental , I Love Bike (064-723- 7775)

Getting there

  • Take the bus going in the direction of Sehwa, Seongsan, and Goseong from the Jeju Inter-City Bus Terminal, and get off at Ginnyeong-ri.