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Woongjin Deokjeok-Do (Island) Path

Deokjeok-Do (Island) is 75 km southwest of Incheon. Its name means 'island with deep sea water'. Deokjeok-Do (Island) has 19 km of bicycle paths, which are classified as general level (12 km) and intermediate level (7 km). The island has mountainous areas, and most routes have steep sections.
In particular, Seonghwangdang Hill and Guksubong Hill, on the intermediate level bicycle path have sections with slopes averaging 12%.
Cycling the entire island on both the general and intermediate level paths is very challenging. It is recommended that beginning and less-strong cyclists use only the general level path.

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Getting there

Incheon ↔ Deokjeok-Do (Island)
  • Daebu Marine (032-887- 6669) Dabu Express Ferry No. 5.
  • Korea Express Ferry (1577- 2891) departures 3 times a day (4-5 times on weekends and holidays). The trip takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Dabu-Do (Island) ↔ Deokjeok-Do (Island)
  • Dabu Marine (032-886- 7813) Dabu Express Ferry No. 2 departs once a day at 09:30 from Bangameori Port of Ansan Dabu Island. The trip takes 2 hours. Advance confirmation and reservation are required.
Yeouido ↔ Deokjeok-Do (Island)
  • Hyundai Cruise Ship (Contact ready) has round trip boat cruises from Yeouido Ferry Terminal in Seoul to Deokjeok-Do (Island) 1-2 times a day on weekends and holidays. The cruise goes along the Han River and Gyeongin Ara Water Way, and takes 4 hours for a one way trip. It departs from Yeouido at 07:00 and Deokjeok-Do (Island) at 16:00.
Transport on the island
  • Deokjeok-myeon public buses meet the ferry for the Jinro-seon ↔ Seopo-ri, Jinri-seon ↔ Buk-ri routes.