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Hub Cities for bicycles

Cycling Hub-Cities are being developed through intense investment in selected areas in order to encourage and facilitate cycling.
The project is being implemented over the three-year period from 2010 to 2012.

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Cycling Hub-Cities Development Projects The table shows Lacation, Projects about Hub-cities for bicycles.
Location Projects
Gyeonggi Ansan-city
  • 3km long Haebong-ro commuter bicycle route
  • 48km long bicycle tourism route
Gangwon Gangreung-city
  • 5.4km long commuter bicycle route
  • cycling classes in 2 elementary schools
  • bicycle parade events
Chungbuk Jeungpyeong-gun
  • 11 new bicycle routes
  • bicycle park (9,812 m2)
  • cycling support center
  • Jeungpyeong bicycle parade
  • bicycle insurance for residents
  • 4 cycling facilitation centres
Chungnam Asan-city
  • bicycle parades in April and November
  • bicycle education facilities
  • 5.4km bicycle route
Jeonbuk Gunsan-city
  • 3.2 km Hoehang-ro commuter bicycle route
  • training of bicycle leaders
  • bicycle celebration in April and ' Day of the Bicycle' in May
Jeonnam Suncheon-city
  • Samsan-ro bicycle route (6.3 km)
  • Wuseok-ro bicycle route (4.0 km)
  • Baekgang-ro bicycle course (6.65 km)
  • public bicycle system (9 locations with 234 bicycles)
  • bicycle culture center
  • parking lot for mixed-mode bicycle commuters
Gyeongbuk Gumi-city
  • 11.7 km long commuter bicycle route
  • bicycle education, safety training, business development and support centres
Gyeongnam Changwon-city
  • expansion of public bicycle system to a total of 4,500 bicycles
  • Jeokhyeon-ro bicycle route (6.3km)
  • Naeseo-eup bicycle course (4.7 km)
  • bicycle patrol team ( 30 persons )
  • public bicycle system