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The 20 Best Recommended Bicycle Routes

How about touring Korea by bicycle during summer vacation with your family?
The Ministry of Public Administration and Security has selected the best 20 bicycle routes around the country for summer break, with beautiful natural scenery and easy touring even for beginning cyclists. These 20 bicycle routes were specially selected from the 1,757km nationwide network by experienced cyclists who personally tried and recommended each and every route.

Namhangang(riv.)+ Saejae

  • Bukhangang (riv.) Railway Zone (YangpYoong)
    01Bukhangang (riv.) Railway Zone (YangpYoong)
    • This is part of the closed railway (27 km) from Paldang Grand Bridge to Yangpyeong, with beautiful pan-oramic scenery of the Namhangang (riv.).
    • The 460m long closed railway bridge of Bukhangang (riv.) has retained its appearance unchanged and is a great joy to bicycle across.
  • Sojoryeong Zone (Goesan)
    02Sojoryeong Zone (Goesan)
    • This area is known as 'Little Saejae' and is a good warm-up area before crossing Ihwaryeong Hill.
    • This is a suitable route for light riding. It offers a leisure sports park. Suok-jeong waterfall and other attractions in the area.
  • Ihwaryeong Hill Zone (Goesan)
    03Ihwaryeong Hill Zone (Goesan)
    • This is a steep uphill route from Yeonpung-myeong, Goesan-gun to the Ihwaryeong Rest Area and is located in the highest area (548m) of all bicycle routes in Korea.
    • This is a very tough route even for seasoned riders. It offers an exquisite sense of accomplishment after the struggle to reach the top.


  • Gyeongcheondae Zone (Sangiu)
    01Gyeongcheondae Zone (Sangiu)
    • This is the route around Gyeongcheondae, the most beautiful and highest place along the Nakdonggang (riv.).
    • This is a great route for family touring, with attractions like Gyeongcheon Island and the Bicycle Museum.
  • Kumoh National Institute of Technology (Gumi)
    02Kumoh National Institute of Technology (Gumi)
    • This route runs under steep cliffs and offers exquisite views of Nakdonggang (riv.) scenery.
    • There are many cultural heritage sites nearby, as well as a leisure sports park.
  • Goryeong MTB Zone (Gor-yeong)
    03Goryeong MTB Zone (Gor-yeong)
    • This 12km long path in Cheong-ryong-san, is unpaved in harmony with the surrounding natural beauty.
    • This route is not very difficult, so even beginners on mountain bikes can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the Nakdonggang (riv.).
  • Musimsa Forest Road Zone (Changnyeong)
    04Musimsa Forest Road Zone (Changnyeong)
    • This steep route for MTB enthusiasts uses an existing forest road.
    • Cyclists passing through the area can stop and purify their minds at the Musimsa temple.
  • Bakjin Hill Zone (Uityeong)
    05Bakjin Hill Zone (Uityeong)
    • The terrain around this course is rough, with a slope of 13% for 2 km. It offers a splendid view of the Nakdonggang (riv.) upon reaching the peak of Bakjin Hill.
  • Gaebiri Forest Road Zone (Changnyeong)
    06Gaebiri Forest Road Zone (Changnyeong)
    • 'Gae' means riverside and 'Bi' means cliff. The 'Gaebiri' route has been built-up along the cliffs on the -riverside. Riding this unpaved route is like stepping barefoot on the earth to enjoy the beautiful forest road and the splendor of the Nakdonggang (riv.).
  • Yangsan Deck Zone (Yangsan)
    07Yangsan Deck Zone (Yangsan)
    • This route was built as a deck-type bridge over the river beside the railway and gives the fantastic feeling of riding over the river.


  • Daecheong-ho Deck Zone (Daejeon)
    01Daecheong-ho Deck Zone (Daejeon)
    • This route is built on a deck 50 to 60m above the water surface, making cyclists feel as if they are riding over water. The route is linked to Daecheong Lake, where families can enjoy a great picnic site.
  • Geumgang (riv.) Bridge Zone (Gongju)
    02Geumgang (riv.) Bridge Zone (Gongju)
    • This bicycle route includes the Geumgang (riv.) Bridge, constructed in 1932, one of the 4 iconic railway bridges of Korea.
    • This route offers easy riding to visit Seokiang-ri Museum, King Muryeong's Tomb, and other attractions nearby.
  • Baekma-gang Zone (Buyeo)
    03Baekma-gang Zone (Buyeo)
    • This route offers splendid landscapes like Nakhwa-am and Subok-jeong along the Geumgang (riv.).
    • The greatest moment of the Buyeo bicycle route is seeing the morning sunrise coming over the peak of Buso Mountain.
  • Gomgaenaroo Zone (Iksan)
    04Gomgaenaroo Zone (Iksan)
    • This bicycle route passes 45 camping sites and is great for families cycling together.
    • Visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunsets of the Geumgang (riv.) area.
  • Galdae-seom Zone (Gunsan)
    05Galdae-seom Zone (Gunsan)
    • This route features the natural ecology of the lower basin of the Geumgang (riv.) including a migratory bird viewpoint. This flat level route offers easy riding for families and couples.


  • Meta Sequoia Zone (Damyang)
    01Meta Sequoia Zone (Damyang)
    • This area of exotic and dramatic landscapes frequently provides a background for movies and TV ads.
    • It offers relaxing walks along the Meta Sequoia pathway.
    • The Bicycle Route Certification Center is located here.
  • Gwanbang Jerim Zone (Damyang)
    02Gwanbang Jerim Zone (Damyang)
    • There is a forest with hundreds of 300 year and older trees including Aphananthe aspera and Korean Hackberry. The area offers both light hiking and cycling, as well as a public bicycle rental center.
  • Yangsang Theme Park Zone (Naiu)
    03Yangsang Theme Park Zone (Naiu)
    • This route passes by the Youngsangang (riv.), and the Film Theme Park, the set for the TV drama series Jumong. The park next to the bicycle path offers a picnic site for families and an old-fashioned sailboat experience (Hwangpo Dotbae).
  • Neureoji Zone (Naiu)
    04Neureoji Zone (Naiu)
    • Youngsan-gang flowing in 3-shape for Naju and Muan boundary produces the splendid view of Neureoji of Mongtan-myeon, Muan, as protruded in the Korea Peninsula-shape.
    • After a steep uphill ride, there is a splendid view of the Youngsangang (riv.) at the Naju and Muan boundary, flowing in an S-curve in the shape of the Korea Peninsula.
  • Sodangi Ferry Zone (Muan)
    05Sodangi Ferry Zone (Muan)
    • This is the place to meet when cycling along the wide open Muan prairie and this route offers to cycle along Yeongsangang (Riv.)
    • The area has the place for water leports in nearby area to enjoy various experiences.