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SAEJAE Bicycle Path

Cycling across the Korean peninsula, linking Hangang and Nakdonggang


Saejae Bicycle Path is the toughest course climbing over Bakdudaegan Ihwaryeong. It's the one and only section of cycling route that goes over a steep hill and it requires riders to have much patience and strength.
There are resting areas along Saejae Bicycle Path every 1km for riders to recharge their energy with fresh air of the mountain breeze. Safety structure at the cliff section of the road is built with thinning - out tree, which used to be firewood, to protect the environment while promoting safety of the riders.

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  • Course
    Chungju Tangeumdae ~ Suanbo Oncheon ~ Ihwaryeong Rest Area ~ Mungyeong Buljeong Staion ~ Sangju Sang-pung Bridge
  • Total Distance
  • Estimated Time
    6hr 40min