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NAKDONGGANG (riv.) Bicycle Path

Cycling over the Epic Novel


Cycling road along Nakdonggang (riv.) starting at Andongdam meets Saejae bicycle path at Sangju Sangpung Bridge and changes its name to Nakdonggang (riv.) Bicycle Path of the cycling road across Korea. Nakdonggang (riv.) rises from Hwangji pond of the Taebaek in Gangwon Province and runs right by the Yeongdong line through the wild of Bonghwa in Gyeongsangbuk province, where anything other than the train rarely gets to.
The civilization of the mankind originated from the river. Accordingly, Nakdonggang Bicycle Path that runs by the river has many historic sites to visit. 324km of this bicycle path of the cultural heritage from Sangju Sangpung Bridge to Nakdonggang Estuary Bank in Busan brings down the curtain on the cycling tour across the country with welcoming seagulls of Busan.

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  • Course
    Sangju Sangpung Bridge ~ Sangjubo ~ Nakdanbo ~ Gumibo ~ Chilgokbo ~ Gangjeonggoryeongbo ~ Dalseongbo ~ Hapcheon Changyeongbo ~ Changnyeong Hammanbo ~ Yangsan Water Culture Center ~ Nakdonggang Estuary Bank
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