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GEUMGANG (riv.) Bicycle Path

Cycling through the culture and ecology of Silk River Road


Geumgang (riv.), risen from Ttunbong Spring of Jangsu Country in Jeonbuk Province, runs through Muju Gucheondong and Okcheon 'Jiyong's Nostalgia Road' and takes a brief rest at Daecheongho. Then gets back on the road passing the waist of Korean peninsula, Gongju and Buyeo and jumps into the arms of the West Sea at Geumgang Estuary Bank where Gunsan and Seocheon greets one another.
Geumgang (riv.) Bicycle Path, though which riders take a trip to Baekje of 1500 years ago, encounters Geumgang at Daejeon's Daecheong-dam.
Geumgang bicycle path is a thrilling course from the beginning at Daecheongdam, because the deck bicycle path constructed by putting piles on the side of 2 lane road by the cliff is winding for 3km of the course. The deck's height is about 70 - 80m, allowing riders to experience the timelessness of flowing river under their feet and the picturesqueness of a willow tree growing at the cliff.

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  • Course
    Daecheongdam ~ Sejongbo ~ Gongjubo ~ Baejebo ~ lksan Seongdangpogu ~ Geumgang Estuary Bank
  • Total Distance
  • Estimated Time
    9hr 40min