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SEOMJINGANG (riv.) Bicycle Path

Cycling into the poetic landscape


The Seomjingang (riv.) Bicycle Path boasts beautiful scenery in a pristine natural environment. The bicycle path is 174km long. The path starts from a park in Imsil, North Jeolla Province, and goes to Baealdo Beach in Gwangyang, South Jeolla Province. When you arrive at the border between Sunchang County and the city of Namwon, you will find a unique section of the bicycle path where an old bridge (219m) and an old tunnel (390m) have been remodeled. The Sky Walk, built in the middle of a wooden bridge called Mokgyo, is a place where you can enjoy the views of the surrounding landscape. It is a landmark on the Seomjingang (riv.) Bicycle Path.

The heady aroma emanating from cherry blossoms and plum blossoms

In the spring, you can ride a bicycle along the riverside path while looking at and smelling cherry blossoms, plum blossoms and cornelian cherry blossoms.

Must see places along the Seomjingang (riv.) Bicycle Path

Soon after you start riding on the Seomjingang (riv.) Bicycle Path, you will arrive at the village of Jinmoe, which is famous as the birthplace of the poet Kim Yong Taek. Next you will cross into Gurye County, which is famous (or its cherry blossom tunnel (24km), selected as one of "Korea's top 100 beautiful paths."
The S-shaped curve on the Gwangyang Bicycle Path (which is part of the Seomjingang (riv.) Bicycle Path) is exciting. On either side of the path, there are flowers in bloom in all four seasons. In addition, you can enjoy impressive attractions, such as the Seomjingang (riv.) Train Village in Gokseong, Maehwa(Plum) Village, and others.

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  • Course
    Seomjingang Life Sports Park (Gangjin bridge) ~ Birthplace of the Poet Kim Yong Taek ~ Gudam Village ~ Janggunmok ~ Yupoong Bridge ~ Hyangga Park ~ Seomjingang Train Village ~ Hwoingtanjeong ~ Seomjingang Rail Bike ~ Dugasewed Bridge ~ Abrok Park ~ Gurye Bridge ~ Seomjingang Cherry Blossom Road ~ Saseongam (a small temple) ~ Namdo Bridge ~ Hwage Marketplace ~ Maehwa(Plum) Village ~ Four Seasons Flower Road ~ Baealdo Waterfront Park
  • Total Distance
    149km (The route connecting the Yeongsangang (riv.) bicycle path and the Seomjingang (riv.) bicycle path 26km)
  • Estimated Time
    9hr 55min